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Friday, February 22, 2008

Resource of the Day: State Study Notebooking Pages (Homeschool eStore)

Here is this week's freebie at Homeschool eStore, a 34 page set of notebooking pages for state studies:

Homeschool eStore

34 pages of notebooking layouts including:

  • Notebook Cover (1 pg)
  • Map, Nickname, & Motto Page (1 pg)
  • Symbol Pages incl. bird/flower coloring page, tree coloring page, flag, seal, song (5 pgs)
  • Map Pages (2 pgs)
  • National Anthem Pages (2 pgs)
  • Pledge of Allegiance Pages (2 pgs)
  • Template Pages incl. History, Government, Famous People (2 pgs each)
  • Blank Template Pages for your own topics or topics from our given list! (4 pgs)
  • Blank Symbol Pages to draw your own symbols (8 pgs)
  • Cutouts: mini flap-books & other graphics to use on your notebooking pages or in a lapbook study (3 pgs)
  • Also includes 2 pages of info, topic ideas, directions, and facts. Fully reproducible for your family or single classroom!

(Pssst.... if you're a regular reader who likes to use the free notebooking pages I make, would you mind popping over to a previous post and answering my poll about one-inch ruled notebooking paper? Thanks!)

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frugal Friday: Coupons in the phone book

A quick frugal tip - when you get your new phone book each year, check the back for coupons. A lot of times they might be for food you never will buy, or the most expensive home repair place in town, but sometimes you can find some really good ones. Our local phone book has some great ones for a fairly new hair salon in town - only $4.99 for a haircut! Plus other discounts for the same place which are almost as good. I ended up with three phone books this year, so I'm covered on cheap haircuts for the next year!

Be sure to visit Crystal's blog for more great frugal goodness!

(Pssst.... if you're a regular reader who likes to use the free notebooking pages I make, would you mind popping over to a previous post and answering my poll about one-inch ruled notebooking paper? Thanks!)


My Favorite Homeschool Product - THotM Friday Meme

Okay, it's Thursday night, but I'm going to be really busy tomorrow, so I'm tackling this topic tonight. This week's Friday Meme at The Heart of the Matter is "Your Favorite Homeschooling Product". Hmmm. I don't use a lot of "products". We're very eclectic around here. But I think I came up with one thing: dry erase boards.

We've used dry erase boards for many things in our school work over the years. We've used small ones, medium ones, and one really large one for different things at various times. The smaller ones are great for one-on-one work, and the larger one is perfect for showing something to more than one child at a time. They can practice on the board, you can correct it and they can work again, and no paper is wasted in the process. Hey, that's "green"!

As a matter of fact, I just today bought a new medium sized board at Target (there are a lot on clearance right now, you might want to check for them there if you're in need of any) for using with school work. I got a medium one with a magnetic background. I'm thinking of doing this math project with sheet magnets, and using the magnets on the board where we can use the blocks and write all on the same surface.

So, what's your favorite product? Don't forget to check in at The Heart of the Matter to see what everyone else has to say - you might find a good idea for yourself!

(Pssst.... if you're a regular reader who likes to use the free notebooking pages I make, would you mind popping over to the last post and answering my poll about one-inch ruled notebooking paper? Thanks!)


A question for those of you who use my notebooking pages...

I have a question for my readers and users about the one-inch notebooking pages that I offer. Should I continue to offer them? I think they would be useful for very young writers, or those with writing difficulties, but if nobody uses them, I'll probably stop bothering to produce them. Please take a moment to vote in this poll and let me know what you think!

Resource of the Day: Spanish lessons in 15 minutes a day

While this site doesn't have a *lot* of lessons, it's about 40 - good for daily practice, certainly. The lessons come in the form of podcasts (so you have to know how to wrangle those things) with a listen and repeat format. The lessons tend to be for everyday, survival Spanish; things you really need to be able to say to get around if you're in a Spanish-speaking country.

Oh, there is also a quick link to a translator, and a hangman game!

My Spanish Connection

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Resource of the Day: Make your own math manipulative blocks

Inspired by the demo of a popular math program this past week, I've put together a set of math manipulative blocks that you can print yourself on heavy cardstock to use. Just print the blocks on different colors of paper, or color them after printing on white paper, and cut them out. There are many, many math applications for these blocks. We're currently using them to practice skip-counting: just deal out a stack like playing cards, counting while you put down each one.

All of the blocks are 1 inch square, so they fit on top of each other. You can do all of the four major operations, as well as work with fractions.

Homeschool Help Web Math Manipulative Blocks

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Resource of the Day: Fun State Facts from the Census Bureau

Looking for facts about the 50 states? How about from the best source of all - the Census Bureau?

Fun State Facts

This is the "Facts" page, but there are other pages down the side as well - quizzes and information about the census.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Resource of the Day: Greek Mythology for kids

The study of Greco-Roman mythology is actually fairly important in order to be literate in the English language. The stories so pervade the ancient culture and have been since referenced so much that a basic understanding of at least the major stories helps quite a bit. I've found a cute site for kids:


While it only goes over the Greek versions of the names and stories, it's not hard to then research and find the Roman equivalents if you so desire.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Frugal Friday: Good habits will save you frugal grief

This week's Frugal Friday posting is a warning - form good habits with your coupons and forms!

Since we moved, I've been rather discombobulated. Haven't updated my coupon binder in ages. Don't manage to pick up the paper half the time. And worst of all - I'm losing stuff.

I'm not the most organized person in the world, but I did used to have decent habits with my coupons and other pieces of paper for savings. But I've just let it all slide and now? Horror of horrors, I have managed to MISPLACE $29.99 worth of CVS Extra Bucks! Can you believe that? It just makes me SICK to think about it. I don't know if I dropped it out of my car (I remember leaving the store with the register tape), cleaned it out of my car, cleaned it out of my purse, or if I did bring it home but misplaced it when I got home. I am just beside myself. And since Corporate will no longer reset ECBs for us, it's just gone. Poof. No reprieve.

Learn from my mistake - form a habit and stick with it! You'll be sorry if you don't!

Be sure to visit Crystal's Blog for more, positive frugal tips!


New social site - just for homeschoolers!

Have you heard about The Homeschool Lounge yet? It's a lovely, lovely social site built just for homeschoolers! It reminds me of other places I've been, like Cre8Buzz, but it's calm and soothing and there are just OODLES of features built in, even chat! If you're looking for me, you can find me right HERE.

Where Do You Homeschool: THotM Meme

Today's Friday Meme at The Heart of the Matter is the question, "Where do you homeschool?". That's a simple one: everywhere!

I so well remember back when I was still in school, and my aunt was homeschooling her children. They were lucky enough to have a large home, and had an extra room that they could set aside for school. I was so impressed with their little school desks and how cute the whole thing was. Yes, you guessed it, those were her early days.

My husband seriously thought about getting a desk with the Kiddo was getting old enough for school. I think the only thing that put the kibosh on that was the fact that there was no room for it. Come to think of it, it wouldn't have been safe around his younger sister, either - she likely would have tipped the thing over on her own head.

So, we've done the couch thing, and the kitchen table thing. We've done floor work and bed work. They've worked in their own rooms, or in the living room under my watchful eye.

But the beautiful thing about homeschooling is that the world and all of your life becomes the classroom. Go out and do leaf rubbings. Measure the sidewalk for math. Count street signs - or read them. Talk about why the sky is blue as you're driving down the road. Spend time at the library just looking, talking, researching - instead of getting in and out as fast as you can. Take a walk in the woods.

Field trips, store trips, family trips - they're all opportunities for learning something! Take advantage of them!

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Resource of the Day: Lesson plans for literature

Here are a ton of lesson plans, study guides, unit studies and so forth for middle school - high school literature. Lots and lots of great links here!

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Resource of the Day: Science lesson plans from Discovery Channel

Discover Channel has a fabulous site online, full of information and ideas. Part of the site is lesson plans! They are broken down into K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 grade sections, so it's easy to find the right level of curricula for your child.

Discovery Education

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